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Angelica A. McIntosh



         A young wife, daughter, mother, psalmist, coach, youth director, song writer, sister and friend; this vibrant woman of God, answered the call of God in her life at the age of 17. Subsequently, she realized the Lord had called her beyond the gift of singing but to preach the gospel and win souls for the Kingdom of God globally.

  Angelica was born in Nassau, The Bahamas and raised by her father and mother and two elder brothers. Growing up was not easy and she faced a plethora of challenges in her life. However, despite all the odds against her, she persevered by the power of God.  Angelica has been surrounded by music all of her life. She is the youngest of three children and the only daughter of her parents. Over the years, Angelica has always been the shoulder for her family. Her love for her family and all that she went through made her a warrior.

    In 2018, Angelica married the love of her life, Mr. Dequon K McIntosh and together they have 2 wonderful children. These two dynamic young people exemplify God's approved love, grace and  mercy. In 2019, Angelica became a Worship Leader and ever since she's been running with grace. This young lady is known as one anointed fire cracker. Her passion for God allowed her the opportunity to impact a myriad of souls. Moreover, her heart and spirit is set ablaze for worship as worship is her lifestyle. She serves under the leadership of Arch Bishop Ross Davis and Lady Althea Davis and Senior Pastor Bishop Trent Davis at The Golden Gates World OutReach Ministries. Her desire as a trusted vessel of God is to operate in authenticity love and power to invoke change and deliverance and provoke salvation within her reach.


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